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Bastet Goddess Statue

Introducing our Bastet Goddess Statue.

Bring home the enigmatic allure of ancient Egypt with the exquisitely crafted Bastet Goddess Statue. Standing majestically at 31 centimetres, this statue is a beautiful representation of the revered Egyptian goddess Bastet, symbolising protection, family, and harmony.

Key Features:

  • Sculptural Elegance: Our statue showcases a majestic figure of the beloved deity, fashioned with intricate detailing to mirror the historical artistry of ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Bronze Finish: Each statue is finished with bronze, lending it an antique, timeless look that adds a touch of class to any collection or living space.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Cast from robust material, the statue's weighty and substantial feel speaks to its premium quality and durability, ensuring it stands the test of time as a cherished piece.
  • Perfect Size: At 31cm in height, the statue makes a striking impression without overwhelming your space. It is ideally suited for display on your altar, bookshelf, mantel, or within a cabinet of curiosities.

This Bastet Goddess Statue isn't just another addition to a collector's trove but a statement piece that bridges the historical with the contemporary. Ideal for those captivated by the mystique of ancient civilisations or for those who work with this revered Goddess, Bastet is perfectly poised to grace your sacred space as a token of ancient divinity.

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