• Aspecting The Goddess

Aspecting The Goddess

Aspecting the Goddess, Written by Australian Author Jane Meredith. 

Drawing down the Divine Feminine

Discover the sacred dance between the divine feminine and your own being with "Aspecting The Goddess" - an enchanting blend of memoir, workbook, and mythological exploration that invites you to engage intimately with twelve Goddess archetypes.

Crafted with wisdom and warmth by Jane Meredith, this illuminating tome is not merely a read; it's an experiential guide to revitalizing the rich tapestry of Goddess energy within your own life. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner of the spiritual arts or taking your first steps on the path, "Aspecting The Goddess" offers a revelatory approach to personal transformation.

Through the pages of this book, you'll traverse the tales and truths of varied Goddess myths, uncovering the profound resonances they hold with the contemporary quest for meaning and wholeness. Meredith deftly interweaves her journeys with the Goddess into a narrative as compelling as instructive.

But "Aspecting The Goddess" extends beyond the story—it's a visionary workbook designed to facilitate your divine encounters. Step by step, you are shown how to 'aspect' or 'draw down' the Goddess, creating a conduit for Her essence to infuse your daily experience.

Each chapter will guide you through exercises and rituals that open the door to deeper understanding and connection. Whether in reflection or ritual, "Aspecting The Goddess" presents you with the tools to weave the presence of the divine feminine into the fabric of your reality.

The knowledge contained within this profound work is arranged so that you can either progress through the Goddess myths in sequence or explore them non-linearly, as your spirit dictates. This book is designed to be revisited repeatedly, each reading offering new layers of wisdom to be discovered.

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