• Aradia by Craig Spencer


Aradia by Craig Spencer

Step into the enigmatic realms of witchcraft and folklore with "Aradia," a revelatory exploration of the classic work that has influenced witchcraft's narrative for over a century. First captured by Charles Godfrey Leland in 1899, "Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches," was more than just a text—it cast a spell on those seeking wisdom from the hereditary witches of Italy's Romagna and Tuscany regions.

This mesmerising edition brings Leland's original manuscript back to life as Craig Spencer unveils forty lines never before seen in English, offering readers the most comprehensive version of this influential work. Beyond mere translation, Spencer's interpretative genius bestows new depth, unmasking interpretations that weave the historical fabric of a mystic tradition celebrating the goddess Diana and her daughter, Aradia.

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