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Aphrodite Goddess Ritual Spray

Experience the power of the Goddess of Love with our divine Aphrodite Goddess Ritual Spray!

Perfect for use in ritual or spell work, this spray is designed to attract and improve love in all its forms. Whether you are looking to attract a new romance, boost self-love, or ignite some passion in a current relationship, this Aphrodite Goddess Ritual Spray will do the trick!

Aphrodite Goddess Ritual spray is made with an infusion of essential oils and herbs that carry strong energies associated with Aphrodite, such as rose and geranium. Anoint yourself and your home space with this potent energy and step into a world of passionate love. Feel empowered by working with the energies that surround you, and feel excited by the possibilities ahead as you invoke the powers of Aphrodite!


Skin sensitivity testing is recommended.

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