• Anubis Statue

Anubis Statue

Introducing our Anubis Statue!

Anubis (or Anpu) is the Egyptian god of the dead. He is usually depicted as a jackal or a man with a jackal's head.

Anubis was believed to have presided over funerals and the weighing of souls. He was also worshipped as an underworld judge, responsible for deciding whether or not an individual would pass judgment and gain entrance into the afterlife. Anubis was often considered to be a protector who safeguarded those in his care from danger and harm.

You can place the Anubis statue on your altar, in your sacred space or around your home. Invoke Anubis during meditation or prayer to provide guidance and clarity in life. 

  • High quality
  • Fine cast resin
  • Bronze finish

9cm high 13cm long and 4cm wide

Please note:

Colours may vary from screen image

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