• Air Magic

Air Magic

Inspire your craft with the history, lore, and practice of air magic.

Part of an Elemental series of books here is Air Magic by Astrea Taylor, a comprehensive guide to the ancient art of air magick. In this book, Taylor explores the practice and theory of air magick in detail, covering topics such as breathing techniques, elemental correspondences, invoking energies, spells, rituals and ceremonies. She also provides practical information on connecting with the element of air to manifest intentions in your life.

With step-by-step exercises and meditations, this book offers an accessible introduction to the fascinating world of magickal practice. Whether you're new to your path or an experienced practitioner, Air Magic will help deepen your connection with the element of air and unlock its many mysteries.

Air Magic by Astrea Taylor covers the following topics:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Elemental correspondences
  • Invoking energies
  • Spells, rituals and ceremonies
  • Connecting with the element of air
  • Using air magick to manifest intentions in your life
  • Step-by-step exercises and meditations
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