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Aged Gothic Keys

Are you looking for the perfect keys to add a spiritual touch to your altar?  Our Aged Gothic Keys make a perfect symbolic altar tool.  If you work with Hekate,  Keys offer symbolism, protection, and power. Unlock magical secrets and protect your space from unwanted energies. You can create a truly unique space with these Keys.

Keys are a significant symbol of Hekate, the multifaceted goddess of ancient Greek mythology. She is associated with crossroads, childbirth, magic and the moon. According to legend, Hekate always carried the key to the underworld with her. She was an important bridge between worlds and possessed access to physical and spiritual realms.

These Aged Gothic Keys can also be the perfect gothic home decor.

  • Beautifully crafted keys
  • Metal
  • 3 Aged keys
  • Approx 14cm longest key, including ring

Please note:

Colour may vary from screen image



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