Our Services

Our Services

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Our Magickal, Goddess and Witchcraft services:                           

Advice & Guidance: 

Do you need advice, guidance or wish to learn from an experienced Witch?

Here are some examples of where Victorian Goddess can help:

  • How to become a witch?
  • Witchcraft tools, what do you need and why?
  • Working with Spirits
  • Learn how to work with a Goddess or Male Deity
  • Divination tools, use and safety
  • Advanced practitioner guidance
  • Working with Herbs and resins
  • Working with Crystals
  • Cleansing
  • Creating a spell
  • How to walk the magickal path with integrity
  • Individual spells for example Love spell, Money spell or protection spell
  • And so much more

If we can't help you, we will refer you to a service that may be able to.

Our Prices:

  • FREE  advice and guidance or ask a question in-store, via social media messages, text or email. (This is a limited service, If we feel you need in-depth help or mentoring, one of our paid services will be recommended)
  • Paid sessions start at 30-minutes for $50

Spell Kits & Ritual Boxes:

We offer customised Spell and Ritual boxes to enhance your learning or aid you on your journey.

Spell boxes start at $30

Psychic and Tarot Reading

We have guest readers in-store once a month. Please follow our social media pages to see updates.



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The advice and guidance offered are based on our experience and knowledge and are a guide only. See a qualified professional for any serious or ongoing problem.