Brigid GoddessBrigid's origins are pagan and Gaelic. Sometimes referred to as Brigit or Brig. She was the daughter of The Dagda of the Tuatha De Danann, an Irish Pantheon of Gods & Goddesses. He was a Father type God. This made Brigid one of the most important Goddesses of the Pantheon.

Brigid is the Goddess of: Childbirth, Poetry, Love, Life, Fertility, Healing, Inspiration and Fire. 

She is also sometimes referred to as A Great Mother Goddess.

Correspondences and Offerings:

Elements: Fire and Water

Botanicals: Straw, Wild Flowers, Corn, White Flowers, Grains, seeds, Daffodils, Sage, Bay and Heather

Planet: Venus

Colours: White, yellow, blue and green

Offerings: Milk, water, white flowers, grains, seeds, daffodils, bay, heather and wild flowers

Symbols: Brigids Cross, Serpents, Wells

Since the introduction of Christianity, she started being called St.Brigid.