Books, Tarot and Oracle Cards & Other Divination Tools

Victorian Goddess has a wide selection of Esoteric Books, Tarot and Oracle Cards and Divination tools. 

Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are all individual, created by artists and spiritual workers. They are all individual and designed to offer guidance and support. When selecting an Oracle deck, we recommend you look for one that seems to draw you in. You will find these an excellent tool for personal growth and healing. They make great divination tools.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are all based on an old card game with 78 cards, four suits which make up 56 of the cards and 22 Major Arcana cards. All tarot decks follow this system, with changes to the illustrations and a different or more deep message in each card.


Our Book collection includes occult studies, books for beginner witches and the more advanced practitioners of Magick, books about crystals and herbs, mythology and other esoteric books. We stock quite a few books by Australian authors, whose books we have read and highly recommend. We also stock Journals, which are a necessity for growth on your Spiritual journey.


We are source the latest Books, Tarot and Oracle Cards and other Divination Tools