Potions, Oils, Perfumes & Sprays

Potions, Oil, Perfumes & Sprays

Here you will find:

  • Essential oils
  • Potions, Perfumes
  • Anointing and Ritual Oils
  • Perfume oils
  • Room Sprays

Victorian Goddess Potions, Oils, Perfumes and Sprays are all Natural, Vegan and sourced from reputable, ethical suppliers. Experienced practitioners of magick create all our products. 

Essential Oils

As well as using herbs and flowers in magick, essential oils can be just as powerful?

Essential oils are the concentrated, aromatic compounds extracted from plants. When used correctly, they can provide a variety of benefits and add a potency to magick.


How to use a potion?

Dress a candle (always exercise caution when using this method), Burn in an oil burner, Add to incense blends, A few drops on charcoal, A few drops on or near sacred items, Put a few drops in your ritual bath (check safety before use, and do not use while pregnant).

Please note that our potions are all for external use only! Do not ingest!


Victorian Goddess Perfumes are all made using high-quality ingredients. These products are created with intention related to their proposed use. You will feel like the Goddess you are with one of our perfumes.

Anointing and Ritual Oil, and Spray

Anointing and ritual oils use have ancient origins. Our ritual oils are created using only the highest quality ingredients relative to the purpose of the ritual.

Room Spray

Our room sprays are created magickally to align with the purpose of the spray.