Herbs, Resins and Flowers

Victorian Goddess stocks a wide range of dried herbs, resins and flowers for your Magickal, Witchcraft or Ritual uses.

Our herbs and flowers are sourced from reputable suppliers and are mostly Organic or Wildcrafted to ensure high quality.

Botanicals have been used medicinally and magically for thousands of years. They are natural healers. Working with these plant allies can aid in healing physical and energetic problems and enhance your magickal workings. 

How to use dried herbs, resins and flowers magickally:

Blend herbs for a spell, Dress a candle with them (Always exercise caution when doing this and never leave unattended), Blend to burn on a charcoal disk or in a cauldron or fire, Create spell or charm bags, In Spell Jars, Sprinkle in or around an area as required

Our botanicals are for externally only. We encourage you to research and seek professional advice before ingesting any botanical, as some are toxic.