Crystals and Gemstones

Victorian Goddess is no ordinary Crystal Shop. We hand select all our crystals and gemstones from reputable Crystal suppliers.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and bring balance. What better way to connect with our beautiful Mother Earth than through a Stone or Crystal.

How crystals work:
We vibrate at a certain energy level, and sometimes we can be out of sync and feel unbalanced. Crystals and gemstones vibrate at their energy levels, which are more stable than ours. Having a crystal near you can bring your vibration in sync with the crystals, bringing calm and healing.
Each Crystal has its vibration, some higher than others, so we recommend you research the best Crystal to use for the purpose you wish to use it, based on its properties.

These energy beings love to be in nature, so take your crystals out to bathe in the Moonlight (Full Moon) or sunlight, unless it is highly fragile.