Candles and Melts

Victorian Goddess is not your average Candle store. We have a wide range of Candles and Melts or every Witchcraft, Ritual or Personal need.

Victorian Goddess candles include:

Spell Candles, Ritual and Prayer candles, Goddess candles, Botanical scented candles, Victorian candles, Elemental candles

Our small coloured spell candles are perfect for rituals. Dress them in a blend of herbs and oils, carve intentions or sigils into them, or burn and focus your magickal intention into them. Burn time is approximately 90mins but will vary depending on the environment.

We have our NEW Goddess collection, which all smell incredible and are a perfect way to honour the Goddess. Our Goddess range is hand-poured Soy wax scented candle with the aspects of the individual Goddess in an Amber Jar. They are 140g, which makes them easy to take anywhere. 

Our range of Victorian Candles will transport you to another Era! These are available in the 140g and 500g Amber Jars and Ornate decorative jars.

Coming soon!

We are currently creating an Elemental and Realm range of scented soy candles. These are perfect for your practice.