Candles and Melts

Victorian Goddess offers a wide range of Artisan Candles and Melts or every Ritual or Personal need. 

Our Candle range:

  • Spell Candles
  • Ritual Candles
  • Prayer candles
  • Goddess candles
  • Victorian themed candles
  • Victorian Authors and Characters 
  • Dark and Mysterious
  • Witch's Candles
  • Fantasy Candles
  • Deity Candles
  • Gothic Candles
  • Elemental and Realm Candles

Our small coloured spell candles are perfect for rituals. Dress them in a blend of herbs and oils, carve intentions or sigils into them, or burn and focus your magickal intention into them. Burn time is approximately 90mins but will vary depending on the environment.

Our candle sizes are:

  • 150g Amber Glass Jar
  • 200g Amber Glass Jar with a Softly crackling Wood Wick
  • 180g Tin
  • Ornate Jars