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Witchy Magic

Witchy Magic by Lucy Cavendish & Serene Connelly

Within the pages of Witchy Magic you will:

- Learn how to create your own magic through connecting with nature

- Craft and cast trusted spells for love, health, joy, wisdom, success and authenticity

- Weave magic with the seasons, the moon cycles and the elements of the natural world

- Celebrate the sabbats with deep rituals and delicious seasonal treats

- Cast circles, create an altar, brew witchy potions and craft enchanted tools

- Walk into the mystery of prophecy, oracles and divination to determine your destiny

- Tap in to your own healing powers as you uncover the witch as midwife, herbalist, Shamanic Journeyer, energy practitioner, sacred ceremonialist and more

- Align your beliefs with your actions to help the planet through environmental activism.

- Discover the fascinating history of witchcraft, and how it has evolved in the modern world.

- Unlock the secrets of Familiars, Ancestral magic and working both alone and with a coven.

- Meet Dianic Wicca founder Z Budapest, Princess of Avalon Kathy Jones, Wizard Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Wise Woman Susun Weed, Druid Emma Restall Orr and many more...

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