Wild Woman Oracle Cards

Introducing the Wild Woman Oracle. A magical and captivating oracle deck that will awaken the wild and powerful spirit within you. Immerse yourself in the essence of femininity, darkness, and spirituality as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The Wild Woman Oracle embodies the essence of the Dark Feminine - a force that is both loving and compassionate yet honest, direct, and powerful. This enchanting deck combines mythological, folkloric, and contemporary tales of empowering female figures who embody the Wild Woman uniquely.

Get ready to be transported to a realm where authenticity and whimsy reign supreme. Each card reveals a story that will resonate deeply in your soul, helping you embrace your true, free, and soulful Self. With all their losses, victories, and lessons learned, these Wild Women's stories will empower you to rewrite your own narrative.

  • By Cheyenne Zarate
  • 36 Card deck
  • Guidebook
  • $32.90
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