• The Rosebud Tarot Deck

The Rosebud Tarot

Uncover the allure of The Rosebud Tarot. A 78-card deck echoing the traditional foundations of tarot with a fresh and visionary twist.

This divinely crafted set paves a contemporary path into the tarot realm. Each card tells a story, revealing dreamscape pathways that inspire and enlighten.


The Rosebud Tarot reimagines the classic Rider-Waite-Smith arcana with a bold stroke of innovation, renaming several iconic cards to breathe new life into their meanings:

  • THE YOUTH (formerly The Fool) invites you to leap into the unknown with hopeful vigour.
  • THE WITCH (formerly The High Priestess) beckons you to weave your destiny with intuition's thread.
  • THE LIFEGIVER (formerly The Empress) nurtures your visions until they reach full bloom.
  • THE PROFESSOR (formerly The Hierophant) offers lessons etched in the pillars of wisdom.
  • ALCHEMY (formerly Temperance) blends opposing forces into a harmonious existence.
  • EMERGENCE (formerly Judgement) calls you to ascend and claim your rebirth.

The court cards of The Rosebud Tarot, shimmer with purpose, defined by qualities that embody their essence:

  • CURIOSITY guides the Pages on their quest for knowledge.
  • VELOCITY propels the Knights towards swift action.
  • GENEROSITY flourishes in the hands of the Queens.
  • SOVEREIGNTY crowns the Kings with unwavering authority.

Immerse yourself in the elements with the minor arcana suits that eschew traditional titles for elemental connections:

  • EARTH steadies the Pentacles, grounding your ambition in fertile soil.
  • WATER flows through the Cups, mirroring the depth of your emotions.
  • FIRE ignites the Wands, kindling your passions into an inferno of creation.
  • AIR cuts with the Swords' clarity, honing your thoughts into crystalline insights.

A guidebook from the insightful Diana Rose Harper accompanies each of The Rosebud Tarot decks. The narrative unfolds in a mythopoetic style that doesn't merely list keywords but weaves a tapestry of wisdom for personal interpretation.

Find solace in the warm embrace of history and supportive resources to embellish your tarot studies.



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