• The Morrigan Ritual Candle

The Morrigan Ritual Candle

The Morrigan Ritual Candle is the first in our Ritual Candle Range! 


Ritual, Prayer or seven-day candles are used worldwide for spells and to honour the deity.


Our Ritual Candles are hand-made Soy and scented with some or all of her aspects in mind. 


The Morrigan ritual candle can be used in spells for:

  • Protection
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Divination
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Banishment
  • Removal of obstacles


The Morrigan is commonly referred to as The Goddess of War, but she is much more than that. You can call on her to offer protection, wisdom, prophecy, and strength and help break down any obstacles that stand in your way of achieving what you need. 




Always exercise caution when using any candle product. Burn on a heatproof surface as a hot candle may damage surfaces. Keep out of high traffic areas and away from children and pets. 


The colour may vary from the screen image.

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