Phantom Queen Statue

Bring ancient mythology into your home with the breathtakingly crafted Phantom Queen Statue.

Infused with the warlike spirit and foreboding allure of the Irish Celtic Goddess, The Morrigan. This figurine is a powerful testament to her influential dominion over war and death.

Behold the goddess in afierce stance. A poised warrior, her leg confidently raised upon a rock. Drawing back a spear as if readying herself for the tumult of battle. Her eyes harbour untold stories of valour and turmoil from ancient Celtic legends. Conveying a sense of strength and sovereignty that is sure to captivate and inspire.

Perched faithfully upon her hand is her companion crow – an extension of her will and an emblem of her presence on the fields of conflict, bearing witness to the sovereignty she commands over the fallen.

Artisans have meticulously cast this figurine in the finest resin, endowing it with a weight and solidity reflecting its mythological subject's gravity. Each statue is expertly hand-painted to achieve an iconic bronze finish.

The Phantom Queen Statue is a striking and memorable centrepiece, whether as the crowning jewel of your altar, mythological collection, or stand-alone piece.

  • Fine cast resin
  • Bronze finish
  • 22cm

Please note:

The colours may vary from the screen image.

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