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Tarot of the Sorceress Cards

Introducing the Tarot of the Sorceress Cards, your gateway to unravelling the mysteries of the tarot and delving deep into the depths of your soul.

Brace yourself, for this deck is like no other. Inspired by the enchanting world of pagan seasonal spirituality. This striking tarot deck is crafted with love and care based on the timeless Tarot de Marseille.

Prepare yourself to embark on a journey through the Wheel of the Year, embracing the ebb and flow of the seasons and the magical festivals that grace our existence. Each card, meticulously illustrated with intricate details, is a portal to a realm of infinite possibility. 

Imagine the magnificence of holding these 78 cards in your hands, woven together with a symphony of black and white beauty, kissed by the delicate shimmer of metallic highlights. As you gaze into each card, you will discover a story unravelled, a hidden message waiting to be unveiled. The deck features 22 Major Arcana, each representing the seasons and the sacred Sabbaths. But that's not all! Within the magical realm of the minor arcana, you will find 56 cards paying homage to the four elements that grace our sacred rituals - Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

  • by Berengere Demoncy
  • 78 Cards
  • Guide Book
  • $39.90
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