Shadow Witch Beads

Shadow Witch Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Whilst created with Meditative Journeying in mind, these beads may be worn as Jewellery, used for Ritual connection to the Deity they are aligned to and their associated Gods/Goddesses. Make them your own by charging them with the appropriate Lunar Phase or Solar Energy and keep them on your Altar or Sacred space. You may wish to sleep with them under your pillow to further connect with them, being mindful of your sensitivity and the power of each individual stone type. Carry them until your energy connects with theirs.

Here is Shadow Witch

As Witches we choose to walk in Shadows and Light in order to bring balance to our Path, to do the deep work, is to pause in stillness, to reflect, to commune and heal the neglected parts of Self so that we may create a deeper sense of Wholeness. To enter the Darkness in Surrender is to release fear and self doubt.

These potent beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which we work, they may be worn to deepen the connection during Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour your daily connections.

Shadow Witch contains: Black Howlite Skulls, Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian and Lava Beads, with Charms to assist your practice.


Black Howlite Skull: Spirit. A Powerful stone of Compassion and Transormation that assists with retaining an open mind as we transverse life's lessons. A soothing stone that assist with cultivating a deeper understanding of Self.

Onyx: Saturn/Earth. A protective stone that enables us to work through karmic issues and residual lessons and assists with absorbing pain and grief, allowing us to move forward as we work through and shed challenges. Brings Understanding.

Snowflake Obsidian: Earth. Stone of Balance . Shifts emotional blockages and that which dwells deep within bringing shadows to lights, so that we may process them and dissolve that which creates stagnation. Helps to see new perspectives.

Lava Stone: Earth/Fire. Basalt from powerful volcanic flow, assists with increasing abundance and strengthens during times of chaos.

Note: All black stones to me are also aligned to the Element of Void - the Dark Space of Unlimited Potential where we surrender to healing and plant the seeds of growth.

Many Blessings, Juniper Rose.

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