Rose Quartz Little Goddesses

Here are our Rose Quartz Little Goddesses, the Goddess of Love.

If you want to attract love into your life, add some love to a current relationship, or practice self-love, this little Goddess is perfect for the job.

Build a love Altar and add items that represent love to you. Add things like:

  • Pink or red Candles
  • Heart shapes of any material
  • A pink or red altar cloth
  • Flowers that represent love, eg. Roses or Lavender
  • An image or statue of a Love Goddess

Rose Quartz little Goddesses Uses:

  • Meditate with your Little Goddess Doll
  • Sit her on your Altar
  • place her beside your bed

All our little Goddesses are hand created with Love.

They sit approx. 5.5cm high.

Please note: The colours may vary from the screen image




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