• Renenutet Goddess Beads

Renenutet Goddess Beads

Renenutet Goddess Beads by The Wayward Path is the Powerful Egyptian Cobra headed Goddess of:

  • Nourishment
  • Successful Harvests
  • Protectress of the earthly abundance
  • The Guardian of Pharoah in his Earthly role and the afterlife as the Uraeus. 

Perched upon the Kings brow, she possessed the ability to spit fire upon his enemies, thus protecting him from harm.

Renenutet was celebrated during the last month of the winter as it gave way to the spring season (Peret). The crops were planted and then later during the spring/summer season (Shemu) when the crops ripened. Like a cobra, she was revered for removing any vermin that threatened the harvest and storage.

This powerful Serpent Goddess may support our Journey of success and sustain and nourish us as we create our abundance. You may call her upon the protection as you embrace your divinity.

These potent beads are used to connect to Meditative Breath and to journey in connection to Self and The Divine energies. Wear them to deepen the connection in Ritual and Ceremony or to honour the connection in daily life and practice.

I have chosen gold and black to represent Renenutet. The Golden Sun and Sands and golden energetic fertile growth. Black for Protection and to represent her underworld role and the fertile soil of the Nile, nourished by the Waters of Life.

Renenutet Goddess Beads contain yellow freshwater pearls, gold, and black glass beads and are finished with a Serpent Pendant.

Fresh Water Pearls: 

Pearls and Mother of Pearl were used for ornamentation in ancient Egypt and dated back to at least the 6th dynasty (3200 BC). Pliny describes Pearls as occupying the “very highest position among all valuables” from the sea. In the time of the Pharaohs, a canal was built to link the Nile to the Red Sea, creating a more accessible source for purchasing such treasures.

Pearls are symbolic of beauty, transformation, honesty and integrity and are associated with Water. As Goddess of Fertile abundance and Nourishment, Renenutet embodies the nurturing power of the Pearl and the vital waters of the Nile to sustain growth and regeneration.

The colour yellow or Khenet/Knit represented the eternal and indestructible and was associated with precious gold and the power of the Sun. Black represented death and the afterlife and represented the fertile soils of the Nile and, therefore, regeneration.

Serpent Pendant: 

The snake has long been a symbol of shedding, renewal, transformation, fertility and consciousness, holding power to heal and support our Journey to deeper understandings of the sacred mysteries. The Serpent is Medousa’s to command.

May these powerful beads support your Journey of growth through the Cycles, May Renenutet guide you.

Many Blessings,

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path


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