• Plants of Power

Plants of Power

Transform your garden into a healing sanctuary with Plants of Power. The comprehensive guide that reconnects you with the earth's wisdom by cultivating 66 extraordinary plants.

This modern apothecary manual invites us to explore the remarkable world of botanicals that have adorned our histories and enriched our lives with their medicinal, therapeutic, and magical properties.

Discover the Power in Your Backyard
Each carefully profiled plant in Plants of Power is a door to self-discovery and natural balance. Unearth the secrets of each species, from the roots of its historical uses to its place in folklore and the enchantment within every leaf and petal.

Key Features of Plants of Power:

  • 66 Plant Profiles: This book extensively details easy-to-grow Plants of Power.' It includes their use for mood enhancement, natural healing, and more.
  • Historical Insights: A rich exploration into the legends and lore surrounding these botanical powerhouses.
  • Practical Projects: Engage with hands-on recipes and intriguing plant projects encouraging interaction and understanding.
  • Seasonal Planting Guide: This thorough guide ensures that the correct plant is planted at the right time for optimal growth and potency.
  • Wild Foraging Tips: Venture beyond the garden and learn the art of foraging with expert advice.
  • Propagation Guidance: Master the skills needed to expand your home apothecary naturally.
  • Seasonal Wheel of Growing: Navigate through the ebb and flow of nature's calendar to reap the best harvest.

Join authors Stacey Demarco and Miranda Mueller on an enlightening journey rooted in authentic plant knowledge and practical know-how. Whether you are a novice gardener or an experienced green thumb, Plants of Power is an essential guide to growing and understanding the deeper essence of these dynamic botanical allies.

Revitalize your connection with the land and harness the holistic energy of nature with Plains of Power. Your garden awaits to be awakened — grow into this green adventure and sow the seeds of well-being today.

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  • 256 Pages
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