Nourish & Inspire Witch Beads

Nourish & Inspire Witch Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Whilst created with Meditative Journeying in mind, these beads may be worn as Jewellery, used for Ritual connection to the Deity they are aligned to and their associated Gods/Goddesses. Make them your own by charging them with the appropriate Lunar Phase or Solar Energy and keep them on your Altar or Sacred space. You may wish to sleep with them under your pillow to further connect with them, being mindful of your sensitivity and the power of each individual stone type. Carry them until your energy connects with theirs.

Here is Nourish and Inspire

To Nourish Self and the World around you, each living thing, encourages a deep healthy connection to Nature and allows a harmoniuous flow of energy whereby you benefit and that and those around you also thrive. As the natural energires inspire my path each and every day, I too seek to inspire others and encourage them to journey forward into their own unique gifts and strengths. And so i offer you this carefully conjured Set of Beads to Nourish and Inspire your Path.

These potent beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which we work, they may be worn to deepen the connection during Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour your daily connections.

Nourish and Inspire contains: Map Jasper, WHite Jade, Blue Howlite and Blue Lava and carefully selected glass beads and are completed with Charms to assist your practice.


White Jade Pendant: Earth. This beautiful stone assists with connecting to a deep sense of calm, it purifies the heartspace - helping to heal wounds, assists with decisions making and creates a sense of peace. It is often linked to Ma'at Goddess of Justice and Kuan Yin Goddess of Compassion.

Map Jasper: Earth. A healing and nurturing stone thats assists with grounding and strengthening. Map Jasper offers protective energy and aids the rising of our awareness, encouraging us to connect more deeply to our surroundings. It may help with breaking down the barriers that prevent our growth.

Blue Howlite: Water/Moon. A stone of calm, soothing energy that assists with reducing stress, releasing anger and aiding communication. A helpful guide to attuning to Higher Consciousness

Blue Lava Stone: Basalt from powerful volcanic flow, assists with increasing abundance and strengthens during times of chaos. 

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