Mother Earth Goddess Statue

Introduce a symbol of nurturing abundance and grounding beauty into your space with the exquisite Mother Earth Goddess Statue. This regal statue is a visually stunning centrepiece but also a representation of the life-giving force of nature with profound symbolic meanings.

Features and Benefits:

  • The symbolism of Growth and Abundance: Reflecting Mother Earth's boundless nurturing capacity, this statue radiates an aura of growth, symbolising the ability to flourish in all domains of life.
  • The epitome of Love and Well-being: The loving energy exuded by our Mother Earth Goddess constantly reminds us of the universal love that binds us and the well-being it nurtures within our souls and surroundings.
  • Celebration of Cycles and Grounding: Honouring the natural cycles of life, this statue is a tribute to the grounding force that keeps us connected to our roots and the rhythms of nature.
  • Meticulously Crafted Detail: With premium quality craftsmanship, each inch of the statue has been created with attention to detail. The bronze paint skillfully applied to the statue gives it a lustrous finish, accentuating every detail of the artistry.
  • Stature and Presence: At a commanding height of 30cm, the Mother Earth Goddess Statue Large is a remarkable presence in any room, infusing it with an essence of serenity and strength.

Our Mother Earth Goddess Statue is more than just a decorative piece; she is a talisman of the planet's grounding essence. She will inspire and instil a sense of peace and connection within your environment. Perfect for those who cherish the Earth and wish to bring a touch of its splendour indoors, this statue is an ideal gift for nature lovers, a meaningful accompaniment to meditation spaces, your altar or a focal piece in your home.

  • 30cm tall
  • fine cast resin
  • hand painted bronze
  • $359.00
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