Leopard Beads

Leopard Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Whilst created with Meditative Journeying in mind, these beads may be worn as Jewellery, used for Ritual connection to the Deity they are aligned to and their associated Gods/Goddesses. Make them your own by charging them with the appropriate Lunar Phase or Solar Energy and keep them on your Altar or Sacred space. You may wish to sleep with them under your pillow to further connect with them, being mindful of your sensitivity and the power of each individual stone type. Carry them until your energy connects with theirs.

Here is Leopard

In th Ancient Lands of Kemet (Egypt) the Great Cats ruled from the Goddess Bastet to Sekhmet, Mut and Tefnut, the are the manifestation of Strenght and Power. The beautiful Leopard embodies Resilience, Determination, Persistence and is aligned to Rebirth and overcoming adversity. Leopards masks and mantles were worn by priests and found in the tombs of kings. Seshat Goddess of Wisdom is often depicted with them by her side.

As Healer of Wounds and guardian of transformation Leopard brings power and strength to our life's journey, combined with Lapis it creates a powerful combination for Meditative Journeying.

This Beautiful set of beads contains: Sandalwood, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Goldstone.


Lapis Lazuli: Air and Water. This powerful stone strengthens Intuition, assists with speaking Truth, offers Spthe first metaliritual Protection, and is aligned Mysticism. To Ancient Egyptians it symbolised Royalty, containing the Soul of the Gods and was enlisted to assist the journey to the Afterlife. It was used extensively in jewellery, amulets and talismans, burial chambers, masks and statues and even ground for eye shadow.

Blue Goldstone: Fire and Earth. This sparkling stone is the embodiment of the night sky and combines well with Lapis and Gold tones. A generated glass stone, Goldstone contains flecks of Copper and promotes confidence, communtication, ambition and motivation whilst promoting vitality and positive attitude. Copper was the first metal used in Egypt, its use in artefacts can be tracked back 5,000 years.

Sandalwood: Moon and Water, Sandalwood is a protective wood and has its roots in Ancient Ceremony and is widely used in Mala Beads for Meditation.

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