Flow Witch Beads

Flow Witch Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Flow Witch Beads by The Wayward Path

Flow is vital to Witchcraft practice as we commune with the Cycles of Life, of changes, of the Moon and Sun, as we flow with conscious awareness with Self, with the Seasons and the Elements. Movement is so important to growth and learning and evolving both Self and the practices that we align to, let flow into your life.

These potent beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which we work, they may be worn to deepen the connections in Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour the connection in daily life and practice.

Turquoise:  Is a mystical stone of inner calm that promotes self-realisation and assists with discovering purpose by supporting the flow of communication within Self-Truth and offering a deeper connection to the Throat and Heart Spaces. It is a powerful balancing stone that is useful for connection to all the elements, its potency so revered that it was used throughout Ancient Egypt - set within jewellery, burial masks, ritual tools, combs and scarabs and was seen as a stone of protection and good fortune. Sacred to Isis and Hathor, Goddesses of Magick and Movement. May the flow of Heka (magick) infuse you as you develop your awarenss.

Lava Stone: Earth/Fire. Basalt stone formed from powerful volcanic flow, a river of creativity that pulses and flows through us and strengthens in times of discomfort or chaos. Lava Stone offers vital energy as we hone our connections to Spirit and grounds our journey as we raise our awareness. Blue offers connection to the flow of knowledge and communication, of Ancestral Connections and deep calm as we journey. Green offers connection to the flow of growth within and the abundance around us as we feel into gratitude for all we have.

May these powerful beads support your Journey forward.

Many Blessings,

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path

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