Elemental Witch Beads

Elemental Witch Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Whilst created with Meditative Journeying in mind, these beads may be worn as Jewellery, used for Ritual connection to the Deity they are aligned to and their associated Gods/Goddesses. Make them your own by charging them with the appropriate Lunar Phase or Solar Energy and keep them on your Altar or Sacred space. You may wish to sleep with them under your pillow to further connect with them, being mindful of your sensitivity and the power of each individual stone type. Carry them until your energy connects with theirs.

Elemental Witch Beads

For many Witches, connection to the Elements is an important part of practice. Air supports clarity and Knowledge, Fire Purification, Activation and Courage, Water flow, Ancestors and the Cycles of the Seasons and the Moon, Earth Growth, Nourishment and Grounding, Void - Stillness, Surrender and Healing and Spirit the Divine Energies that flow within and all around us. And so we work with all 6 Elements together to create Balance.

These potent Beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which we work, they may be worn to deepen the alignment to Air in Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour the connection in daily life and practice.

Elemental Witch contains Yellow Turquoise, Red Tiger Eye, Blue Howlite, Tree Agate, Gold Antique Style Beads, Onyx and is finished with Pentagram, Sun and Moon charms for Balance and a Large feature Key to open the doors to Equilibrium and Unity.


Yellow Turquoise: (Air) Is not actually a Turquoise at all, but rather a Jasper or Serpentine stone with webbing of hematite and Quartz inclusions. It is named Turquoise die to its similar patterning. This beautiful stone assists with developing Intuition by heightening sensitivity to the energetic vibrations that surround us. It is a stone of inspiration, helping to dissolve negativity and develop a clear creative mind. Use it with breath to stimulate awareness and deepen your energetic connections with it Celestial Vibration.

Red Tigers Eye: (Fire) Aligned to Solar Energy, this powerful stone assists with releasing fear, anxiety and stress. It stimulates action by countering stagnation and protects and repels negativity. Tigers Eye has strong feline energy, I use it often with connection to the Goddess Sekhmet. Red Tigers Eye itself is aligned also to Dragon energy and is often called Dragons Eye.

Blue Howlite: (Water) A stone of calm, soothing watery energy that assists with reducing stress, releasing anger and aiding communication - with its water aspect, communion to Ancestors, Self and the Cycles is appropriate. A helpful guiding stone for activation of consciousness.

Tree Agate: (Earth) This beautiful stone assists with grounding, healing and clearing of energy blockages and infuses us with the energy of good fortune and prosperity. Its stunning patterning is reminiscent of ancient forests and helps align us to Nature and Deep Earth Healing Energies.

Gold Beads: (Spirit) To me the energy of Spirit flows through all things like a vibrant golden light of love, creativity and vibrancy - that is hard to capture in any one stone and so I have chosen these antique style beads and also the pentagram charm to harness the feel of Spirit.

Onyx: (Void and Earth) A powerful grounding and protection that assists with stability and enhances confidence and stamina and supports decision making and encouragement of gifts, when we surrender to the stillness of the Void, and undertake journeying to access these gifts and to plant the seeds of rebirth, Onyx may assist and protect. May this powerful set of beads assist your journey forward.

Sun and Moon: As witches most of us connect deeply with the Moon and many of us the Sun also, together they create balance and mark the Seasons and Cycles and hold the energy of the Devine Feminine and Devine Masculine, together they are unity.

Many Blessings, Juniper Rose.

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