Dark Star Witch Beads

Dark Star Witch Beads

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Part of THE WAYWARD PATH Witch Beads range, One of a kind.

Dark Star Witch Beads by The Wayward Path

The Ancients Ones, like the Stars are here to guide us as we journey, Anpu (Anubis) is Bearer of Keys to the Portals between Realms, he is guide and guardian of our travels and protector of the Heart. Being a Deity of the Underworld Anubis helps us transform through the Dark Spaces and evolve, the Ancient Egyptians looked to the Stars and the whole Celestial Realm for much knowledge and saw the passing of the Sun and Moon across the Skies as a profound journey that mirrored the Cycles of Life and the Star Sirius to herald the Innundation of the Nile.

These potent beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which we work, they may be worn to deepen the connections in Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour the connection in daily life and practice. They carry the energy of Grounded Guidance.

Snowflake Obsidian:  The Elements of Earth and Void. This powerful stone connects to the Subconscious Mind, assists with purifying energy and bringing clarity as we balance the Mind, Body and Spirit. It brings Light to Darkness as we draw to the surface the emotions that need processing. It is a powerful tool of Transition that leads to Transformation. The Element of Void is the space of Unlimited Potential, where we may heal the neglected parts of Self as we surrender to stillness, where we may recall that which needs releasing. Earth grounds this deeply powerful experience and holds us in her loving embrace.

Larvakite:  A stone of protection and grounding, Larkavite stimulates our inner Vision and encourages psychic development whilst repelling negativity and protecting our journey of connection. This powerful stone assists with Past Life recall and communion with Ancestors, Guides and Higher Self and supports dream recall. Aligned to Earth and the Base Chakra.

Onyx:  Saturn/Earth. A protective stone that enables us to work through karmic issues and residule lessons that also assists with absorbing pain and grief, allowing us to move forward as we work though and shed challenges, bringing deeper understanding.

Hematite: Root Chakra. Earth. A powerful stone of grounding, of balance and centering, an anchor for journeying between Realms. Hematite eases tension and fear and assists with protection and support especially through transformation and change. It strengthens Will. These lovely Star beads bring the energy of the Grounded Earth to the elevation of the Stars, drawing together the Realms and the passage between them. The Star is a symbol of Guidance and Hope.

Ankh: Often called the Key of Life, the powerful Ankh represents Eternal Life, it was placed upon the lips of Pharaohs to assist with transition into the next world and is often held by Deities signifying their Immortality.

Anpu (Anubis): Lord of the Sacred Ancient Lands is divider and diviner of Darkness and Light and protects and guides our journey as we go into the Dark spaces to Heal, he is connected to the Divine Star Sirius and the Moon, as Guardian of the Veil and Opener of the Way. He guards the Higher-Dimensional Portals and their entry based on Spiritual Attainment and so is Guardian of Initiations also.

May these powerful beads support your Journey forward.

Many Blessings,

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path

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