Brigid Goddess Statue

This stunning Brigid Goddess bronze finish statue depicts her behind a Cauldron and holding a flame. The flame represents Brigid's fire, which was a fire kept burning in Kildare, dating back to pre-Christian times. 

She has been made with cast resin and finished in high-quality bronze paint.

Brigid's origins are pagan and Gaelic. Sometimes referred to as Brigit or Brig. She was the daughter of The Dagda of the Tuatha De Danann, an Irish Pantheon of Gods & Goddesses. The Dagda was a Father type God. This made Brigid one of the most important Goddesses of the Pantheon.

Brigid is the Goddess of

  • Childbirth
  • Poetry
  • Love
  • Life
  • Fertility
  • Inspiration
  • Fire 

She is also sometimes referred to as A Great Mother Goddess.

Correspondences and Offerings:

  • Fire and Water Element
  • Milk and Water
  • Botanicals include Straw, Wild Flowers, Corn, White Flowers, Grains, seeds, Daffodils, Sage, Bay and Heather
  • Serpents
  • Wells
  • Planet: Venus
  • White, yellow, blue and green colours

Since the introduction of Christianity, she started being called St.Brigid.

Our Brigid Goddess Bronze Statue stands 37cm tall and 22x16cm wide.

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