Blood & Bone Witch Beads

Blood & Bone Witch Beads

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Blood and Bone Short Witch Beads by The Wayward Path

The power within us flows through our blood like wild fire, infusing every cell with our own unique truth, our own special gifts and deep wisdom, and is etched into our bones and the bones of our Ancestors that have proceeded us. Blood may be seen to be the element of the Divine that flows within us activating our bodies as they carriage us through the physical realm of lessons, Bone represents transitions as we flow through the Cycles of Life Death and Rebirth and support our movement through this world with strength and power.

These potent beads may be utilised to connect to Meditative Breath and Journeying in connection to Self and the Divine energies with which you work, they may be worn to deepen the connections in Ritual and Ceremony or simply to honour the connection in daily life and practice.

Blood and Bone Witch Beads contain: Red Coral, Garnet, ethically sourced Bone and Hematite discs.

Red Coral:  Water/Fire. In ancient Mythos Red Coral formed from the spilt blood of Lady Medousa as her severed head was carried across the sea by Perseus and contains the protective and activating powers of her Serpent energy. The Serpent is symbolic of strength, transformation, higher knowledge and Cycles and helps us to transition through the many cycles and phases that we undergo to evolve and grow. Red Coral is associated with Strength, Power, Motivation and fuels us with the energy to achieve our goals, dreams and desires.

Garnet: Fire. Garnet is a stone of vitality, activation and re-energising power, helping to purify and balance the energy system. It supports heart opening with confidence and the flow of sensuality and creativity as we embrace our own personal power. This stone of passion helps remove blockages and obstacles whilst protecting your energy resources.

Bone: Earth/Void. Bone is symbolic of strength and is aligned to the Cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth, and relates to the underlaying truth of Self and situations that we find ourselves in. Bones have long been used to connect to the energy of those that have passed beyond and to call upon the energy of animals to infuse magick with their potency. Long used as a form of Divination bones hold much power for those that wish to see/feel into their messages. These ethically sourced bone beads are gifted from the Cow, in many cultures cows are seen as universal mothers of protection and nourishment.

Hematite:  Earth. A powerful stone of grounding, of balance and centering, an anchor for journeying between Realms. Hematite eases tension and fear and assists with protection and support especially through transformation and change. It strengthens Will and is deeply empowering.

May these powerful beads support your Journey forward.

Many Blessings,

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path

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