• Benzoin Resin

Benzoin Resin

Here is our Benzoin Resin, a must have resin in your witchy Apothecary.


  • Gender: Masculine Energy
  • Planet: Sun and Mars. Also sometimes associated with Venus.
  • Element: Air/Fire
  • Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, Demeter, Mut, Hekate. Bacchus and Dionysus

Magickal Uses:

Benzoin is mentioned 13 times in the Orphic Hymns and has long been aligned to Prosperity, Purification, Generosity and supports Concentration and the defuses of negativity. Use Benzoin Resins warm uplifting scent to purify and create a calm soothing space that improves mood and support meditation and journeying. Benzoin is Heart and Brow Opening.

Use in Protections charm bags, as an incense or in spells.

Approx 20g


For External Use Only

Our new batch is a fine resin, so smaller than depicted in the image