Baba Yaga Candle 150g

Introducing our Baba Yaga Candle - a unique candle inspired by the witch from Slavic folklore! This soy wax candle is encased in an amber glass jar, complete with a wood wick, to create an enchanting atmosphere. Delight in the captivating fragrance of red cedar and sage as you light your Baba Yaga Candle for your next ritual or magickal workings.

Baba Yaga is a popular figure in Slavic Folklore and is often depicted as a crone or hag. She is sometimes seen as a helpful figure, while other times, she is seen as malicious. However, she is always portrayed as being very powerful.


  • Always exercise caution when using any candle product. 
  • Place your candle on a heatproof surface, as a hot candle may damage surfaces. 
  • Keep out of high-traffic areas and away from children and pets. 
  • Colours may vary from the screen image.
  • 150g 
  • $24.90
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